Monday, May 30, 2011

A Mixed Week

Having missed, last week, an invitation to visit The Daughter we didn't dare forego another chance for fear of ex-communication. So, on Tuesday we duly attended at her house and were welcomed, as ever, very warmly. Tea was taken in the garden, it being clement weather, and we even got to stroke her cat, Whisky, who is normally very shy around strangers, A good time was had by all.

The garage clearance continues with a vengeance. We now have so much space that it make me feel dizzy, A small hiccup occured to the overall plan, however when I realised that in order to continue clearing where we were, the other side had to make some room. Efforts were therefore concentrated in clearing space on the second side to accommodate various articles from the first side to give room to clear the first side. I hope that's clear! Along the way I discovered that a shelf unit, installed by a previous occupant, was supported on only two screws. No wonder that it had become saggy and misshapen. I fixed two more brackets to give suppport and it should now be good for a few years. All this, of course, means more trips to the municipal dump which pleases The Wife no end.

We have had some rain at last. Since February we have had only about two days of rain and both crops and gardens are showing the signs of shortage. And now, as I write, rain is again falling but we need an immense amount more to compensate for the short fall. A dry, hot summer is forecast but I hope they are wrong.

Number Two Son's car was in need of some attention; the ABS warning light was evident. Our local trusty garage were able to find time for the repair, and also to persuade my son that his windscreen wipers needed replacement. Earlier in the month they failed The Wife's car's MOT on the grounds of corroded sills, which they were able to plate and weld. Another garage, about two months earlier, had stated that the sills were ok and that the corrosion was not critical. If our local garage has started to drum up business by doing work which is borderline necessary, we may have to seek another garage, or at least employ a second opinion. I know times are tough for business, but they are tough for me too and I know where my loyalty lies!

Clearing our garage has revealed a few items which are still useful but redundant to us. Normally I would take them to the tip, and bite the bullet. EBay is too much hassle for the low value of the items involved, and anyway many of them would require collection. The Daughter directed me to The site seeks to marry unwanted items with people who need them, and to do it for nothing. I sent up a test balloon in the shape of an unwanted electric garden shredder/ vac. It has been hanging around the garage for years largely unused because it is so damned heavy and cumbersome. Within two days I had something like nine replies all wanting this item and all I had to do was choose. I ignored the person who said they wanted it because they had rabbits (!) and went for someone local. The hand-over was easy and I have additionl garage space to fill with some other junk. There are more items to be advertised, but it should be straightforward enough.

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