Sunday, July 17, 2011

In the Interval...

As I was saying, going for breakfast on a Saturday has its irritations, mainly from uncaring strangers muscling in on our preferred table. Take the last time we went to Andover. There is a nice circular table in the corner which accommodates three nicely. We are hardly small people and the 4 place setting is comfortable. Number Two Son was making his way when, standing aside to allow a staff member access, two strangers hijacked "our" table right in front of him. Bloody cheek! The subsequent breakfast was good, as always, even if we were a little more cramped than we might otherwise have been.

I have been looking, somewhat in a dilatory way, at digital cameras. I have a perfectly serviceable SLR film camera, but it is heavy, cumbersome, and not so user friendly as the modern digitals. However, I have been overwhelmed by the sheer choice available, in terms of both specification and price. Time was when camera shopping was much simpler! I guess that I am going have to properly analyse my expected (desired?) use of the instrument before shopping, and that is such a bore. Still, it could be cheaper in the long run rather than buying something which I later regret. If only I understood the technicalities a bit more, or at all.

The Daughter pointed me at a website a while ago, where one can ask for, or give away, unwanted items. Since I am currently in the throes of clearing the garage there are a few items I need to discard. Two such items were a pair of bathroom cabinets, and a computer table. I advertised the cabinets as a "test balloon" and very quickly had several positive responses. My chosen recipient then proceeded to blow hot & cold on the deal, causing me to approach another responder who remained silent! Just when I despaired, the original contacted me (something like 8 days later) and happily took the cabinets. She later emailed to say how delighted she was. A week or so later I saw an advert for a computer table. I volunteered the supply and because the lady in need was disabled (and local) I delivered it. The table was in a dismantled state, but fortunately the lady's nephew was visiting and after a few hours I had an email to say that assembly was complete and they were happy. So, the system works and may now become a regular source of disposal for items that we have no more use for.

We have acquired a barbecue. To try it out The Daughter and The Boyfriend came to join us one Saturday evening. It turned out to be the world's shortest barbecue. The charcoal burned for only about 20 minutes before expiring, necessitating the food being cooked in the kitchen. A good and jolly time was had by all, but I think we need a bit more practice. Once the weather improves, and possibly when Number One Son and his new wife arrive next week, an opportunity will present itself

There has been a wedding in the family. Number One Son has remarried in Norway and we are all delighted. The New Wife is a lovely woman with two daughters and a dog. We met them in Norway in May and expect the Happy Couple here next week for a brief visit, together with the two Regular Granddaughters. Preparations begin in earnest now, which include new tyres on at least one car! We shall try not to schedule visits to places every day, but we are already booked to ascend the tower of Salisbury cathedral, and should be able to visit Arundel Castle. Other than that, who knows?

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