Monday, May 02, 2011

Last Week

Since I last posted on this site, a modicum of drama has befallen our way. For some years now we have had fitted to a wall fairly adjacent to the incoming gas supply, a carbon monoxide detector & alarm. It's one of those things, like insurance, which sounds a good idea to have, but you don't ever expect to use it. Indeed the previoius monitor was in situ for about 5 years before it told us in piercing tones that it had failed and needed to be replaced. Consequently the current one is about 8 months old. Imagine our shock, then, when the thing sounded mid afternoon one day. Rapid ventilation of the house followed and a quick inspection of the only gas appliances in the house (boiler, and hob). Nothing obviouis was apparent, but not getting much of a second chance with CO I called the gas emergency line.
Within two hours they were with us, with their meters and their gadgets, inspecting every part of the appliances and rendering them safe (what they meant was don't use them!) to await a fitter to rectify the problem, and no doubt charge accordingly. For cooking we were down to the microwave, and for hot water the immersion heater. Only then did we discover that the immersion thermostat was non-functioning. Along came the electrician to fit a new one, which necessitated punching a hole in the ceiling to accommodate the length. The following day the gas man came, took two hours to service the boiler (dust was the problem) and we are back to normal, none the worse thank goodness.

Taking advantage of cooler weather I pressure-washed the patios. Since the process uses a lot of water and we have had no rain since February (bar one day only), I am expecting a hose pipe ban, but at least our barbeques can be eaten on clean stone. Number One Cat has adopted the new cushions bought for the bench bought last year, but is unamused that they are in the sun. We try to shade them with umbrellas, and the patio awning, but she is unflinching in her resentment at the tree which hitherto gave her shelter, being felled as it was undermining the house. Can someone please explain civil engineering to Portia?

Last Friday was the Royal Wedding. I had fully intended not to watch, but succumbed like most of the population. We opted for Sky's coverage which we found to be excellent. There was no inane chatter from the commentators, no pointless interviews with sundry members of the public up & down the country, and no commercials. The BBC and ITV, on the other hand from what I've seen, were crass. Commentators who shouted, were more about themselves than the event, and crammed coverage of the event into only half the screen on occassion, with the other half showing the presenter! ~I am not a fan of Sky, generally, but my heartiest congratulations are due to them on this occassion. As for the happy couple, she was spectacularly gorgeous in that dress, and he looked to be over the moon. I have high hopes for the future of the monarchy now, if only the odious papparazzi will desist. Go Wills & Kate!!!!!!!!!

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