Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Norway and other accidents

Two years ago The Wife & I travelled to Bodø in northern Norway, principally to attend the confirmation of our grandson. Number One Son has resided in Norway for many years and our visit was as much to do with supporting him in his newly single state as it was about The Grandson. The event passed off smoothly (so far as we outsiders could tell), but we were stuck at the back of the auditorium for the ceremony, and were able to see clearly only because of the telephoto lens on the camera. Thank God for messrs. Kodak et al.

This year it was the turn of Number One Granddaughter, and we just had to be there. Number One Son has a new fiancée, has moved house and is much happier. The bad news is that we had nowhere to stay. New in-laws-to-be to the rescue. Generously they offered to accommodate us, and to help with the arrangements for the confirmation which, being secular on this occasion, is more of a right of passage from childhood to adulthood.

Tickets bought, currency changed, arrangements made for Number Two Son to look after Number One Cat, packing done, when The Wife had a heavy fall in the kitchen. Despite the pain it was clear that nothing was broken (except the teapot), but she had a badly swollen and bruised leg. Valiantly she declared herself fit to travel, and at 06.30 the next day the taxi called.

We were met at Bodø airport by a regular delegation of five people! The intended in-laws are delightful people, warm, friendly and welcoming. They took us into their home and within an hour or two it was as though we had known each other for years. The Intended, too, is delightful, easy to laugh, and clearly in love. We met her two daughters, typical teenagers, and eleven of us sat down to eat. What a good job it was a large table!

The confirmation ceremony went without a hitch on the Saturday ( except that I forgot my camera) and we saw everything clearly from nine rows back. Dinner was a blast, even Number One Granddaughter's boyfriend, "Fluffy", enjoyed it. After all the work put in by our hosts and The Intended, and the caterer who deserves a medal, Sunday was truly a day of rest. Even lazy could have taken lessons. Monday was shopping day and Tuesday we flew home. All in all a very successful trip. It is always nice to see the family and to meet new people.

Everyone forgets, sometimes. On this occasion I forgot that my car keys were in the boot (where I always put them while loading the boot) and being distracted at a vital moment closed the door. The local garage were unable to gain entry, but charged me for turning out, and ordered a spare key. That set off the alarm causing me to climb over the front seat, over the rear seat and stretch full length to retrieve the fob and shut off the alarm. At least we know (as do the neighbours) that the alarm works and that the car is very secure. So, seventy pounds poorer I drive with a new found respect for Vauxhall Motors.

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