Monday, April 25, 2011


So, here we are again in this annual festival upon which no-one seems able to agree a fixed date. Legislation was passed in 1928 in the UK for standardisation, but the arguments continue between the various Christian denominations, and the Act has not yet been given legal force. And so, we the public continue to munch our annual chocolate ration (and then some!) largely unenlightened as to the arcane calculations that give us Easter as a moveable feast. Who cares anyway? Astronomers, theologians, and others have predicted the dates well into the future, even ad infinitum, so that school boards and chocolate retailers know ahead of time for their planning requirements, while the rest of us simply enjoy the time off work or school that enable us to over-indulge happily.

Speaking of over-indulgence, yesterday we as a family went out to a local hostelry for a carvery lunch. Being a hot day they had provided what they were pleased to call a large summer salad as an alternative to the traditional vegetables, and very nice it was too, but I would hate to see the small one (if one's eyesight was that good!) Nevertheless, the meal was very enjoyable and washed down well with good ale and topped off with ice cream. What better? Siiting in the sun at homeafterwards, chatting, made for a very convivial afternoon. Later I had a skull-crushing migraine, perhaps brought on by too much sun, but by then the family-friendly enjoyment of the day was complete.

Some snide person has damaged my car. Parked on Thursday in a supermarket car park, the spaces in which are fairly tight, whoever was the person in the next car failed to take sufficient care when exiting. The result has been a scraping of my front faring above the bumper, right around the curve as they have steered round my car. Whilst it is just possible that they may be unaware, they must have found by now my car's colour on their coachwork to give them pause. Will they exercise more care in future? I doubt it.

Our trip to Norway, to see number one son and family, looms. The Wife is busy buying presents for them and at the same time forward planning for the reciprocal visit in July. Our visit is a little daunting since we shall be breaking new ground (as it were), meeting The Intended, staying with her parents (!) and so on. The prime reason for the visit is the Confirmation of the number one Granddaughter. Two years ago this rite of passage was undergone by The Grandson with attendant meal. Since neither TheWife nor I speak Norwegian the ceremony was largely incomprehensible, as was chatter around the dining table afterwards. However, this time whilst still ignorant of the language, we may have better seats at the ceremony and can renew acquaintance with The Granddaughter's maternal family members. Realtionships may still be strained there, but the ordeal will have to be endured one more time after this. So, gird up thy loins, Wife, and go to it!

I have signed up to Flickr. More photos and videos will be added over time, but please check it out.

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