Saturday, August 06, 2011

Phew! Now that they've gone...

I do not mean to suggest that the Norwegians weren't enjoyable in any way, they were, but Phew!

Before I get to that I have to say, "Yippee" because the car wash guys are back in the supermarket car park. And just in time too with the Norwegians visiting in just two days time. A wash and brush-up for the car, new tyres postponed, and we're all set. We also have new neighbours. I haven't met them yet, but The Wife has and says they're very nice and looking to buy locally. Lady Neighbour is heavily pregnant, a teacher, and expecting her husband to join her when their flat is sold.

On Monday evening the Norwegians arrived; Number One son, New Wife, and two granddaughters with enough luggage to move home. It had been arranged that we should meet at The White Hart and have a family meal. Being a nice evening we thought that meeting outside over a leisurely drink would be nice, but flying ants decided to swarm about three weeks early, and so we were driven inside. However the meal was excellent, with dietary considerations well catered for. Introductions between Number Two son and Daughter in Law were effected and they seemed to hit it off quite quickly. The rooms at the hotel are excellent, the first time I have seen upstairs, and were both en suite. The adult's room was inside a sort of cupboard, but it turned out to conceal a corridor leading to other rooms too, so that was alright. During the week we had reports of the excellent service and accommodation  provided by the hotel, so that is definitely a recommendation.

On the last day Number One son had a phone call from the hotel to ask why they had left their luggage. It turned out that the booking had been made one night short! Panic ensued with visions of people sleeping in our conservatory and getting us all up at 4.00 AM for the departure. However, the hotel were able to offer an alternative room, and peace returned. They evidently got away OK on Monday morning.

While here, The Norwegians decided to have a day in London to visit The Tower, and to eat gluten-free fish & chips! By all accounts a successful visit despite the fact that the elder daughter decided that morning to sport an obscene t-shirt, which the security guards at The Tower deemed unacceptable for a Royal Palace. In the event a jacket covered everyone's embarrassment and they were allowed to stay. Obscenities on clothing of adults is offensive, but on that of a 15 year old girl is worse. Royal Palaces have by-laws about such matters.

On the Friday we all went bowling. Scoring was chaotic because of glitches in the computer system, but the final print-out proved that the boys had beaten the girls by just 13 points! And that despite the fact that the boys were outnumbered. Go fellas!!

Saturday saw us climbing the tower of Salisbury cathedral, The Daughter-in-Law for the first time, and judging by the number of photos enjoyed the experience.

Very kindly as they departed the house for the last time this visit, Number One Son and The Daughter-in-Law made us a present of an electric double waffle maker. I am so excited! The strawberry jam and the creme fraiche have been purchased, and the waffle ingredients too, but as yet no waffles! This is psychological torture. However, I am promised waffles over the weekend. I can hardly contain myself...

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