Monday, December 20, 2010

Number One Cat (2)

Our favourite feline friend visited the vet last week. She had been coughing, sneezing, and throwing up at intervals. The crunch came when she sneezed all over the wife's duvet! Anyway, we saw a new (to us) vet who appeared to be very thorough. She spent ages examining Portia's tummy so that I wondered if she'd found anything nasty. Likewise her temperature and heartbeat. Oh, God we thought. It turns out to be an upper respiratory infection (phew!) and is treated with anti-biotics. Portia doesn't do pills (we have too much respect for our fingers!) but a 2 week long lasting injection is now available instead, so she had that. Within a couple of days the coughing and sneezing had stopped and the throwing up was back to normal. She is also brighter in herself. Next month the annual booster jabs...
With all this snow Portia is reluctant to venture out. She sleeps a lot, plays daily (good for exercise) and eats for England, but she wants to go out!!!

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  1. Well, if a certain someone would go and clear all the snow from everywhere the a certain feline could go out without getting her paws wet!