Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is It all Over?

Well, its Thursday, the day before New Year's Eve, and I'm pooped. Just like last year, when the fun was over, the FUN was over. On the plus side, the snow has gone because of the rain (c'mon people, that's a good thing) and number one cat is back to her normal habits of patrolling outside and eating & sleeping inside. Our sleep has largely disappeared due to late nights. By the time bedtime comes I am past sleep and lie awake for hours. By the time sleep arrives it is near time to rise again. Still, the eating is and has been good, and also the drinking. Exercise has been taken, but now its time to kick off the slippers and sit back.
Tomorrow night will be quiet enough here, just the  wife, number two son and I and our feline friend. But we do have all that drink...   The piccie is of the Daughter's moggie. Old & chronically ill he is a tribute to veterinary science and TLC
Number one son became engaged over the holiday. We have not met the intended and probably won't until the summer. Nuptials are not imminent. The daughter's boyfriend spent the holiday north of the border, but is expected to make a recovery for New Year. Normally the UK family eat together formally on New Year's Day and the Boyfriend should be joining us. More party atmosphere and booze; I don't know where the strength comes from but hey! I'm not complaining.
Happy New Year

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