Sunday, January 08, 2012

New for 2012

Happy New Year!

Why is it that many things, good & bad, come in threes? and why altogether? We live in the age of the most sophisticated communication media ever, where technology governs in some way every aspect of our lives, and yet things happen that are beyond our ken. I reported the loss of five of our pond fish, presumably to a heron, and that we were continuing to protect the remainig goldfish; well! they're back!!! At least, two of them are. The Wife was checking the pond on about New Year's Day and lo! the two large koi had returned. There has been no further trace of the three light-coloured fish however. We can only surmise that a heron has taken the three causing such trauma in the large koi that they sounded and hid in the foliage, emerging only some three weeks later as thopugh miraculously. Hooray!!!

Then there was the roof. Entering the loft I found two clear signs of water ingress. Two large patches of water-staining on the loft lining and water dripping from the tiles. Inspection of the outside by our local man about repairs revealed an abundance of moss on the roof, some of which has apparently lifted the tiles allowing water to seep in. Furthermore, the ridge of the roof is of a peculiar construction where the ridge tiles are strapped onto a plastic frame which supports the top rows of tiles and is itself secured to the roof trusses. At first inspection it appears that two things have occured, 1 the moss mentioned above, and 2 the plastic has been cut short allowing water to ingress since the house was built! I have commissioned the repairs, but will have to wait until February for the work to be done. Let's hope for a fairly dry January!

Finally, there has been the wind. For nearly a fortnight we have been battered by strong gales gusting up to (we're told) 112 mph. although we didn't lose any trees, it has destroyed my garden gate and some of the flimsier trellis work. It was the work of an our or two to replace the trellis, but the gate needs a new one. Since the lower hinge no longer supports it, I removed the gate and blocked the opening with the dustbins. Portia, number one cat, was not happy. Feeling vulnerable to attack or interlopers she mounted guard from one of the garden benches and was there through thick and thin, stopping only briefly for food. I have taken pity and replaced the original gate pro tem until the new one arrives, but that could take up to a month. We shall have to live with it, emptying our rubbish into the bins via the front door, and the window cleaner  will have to come back!

A neighbour, whom we have known for more than 20 years, invited The Wife & I to dinner last night. There were just the four of us, and an excellent meal was followed by a most convivial evening. The wine flowed, the conversation was funny and stimulating and wide-ranging. We came home just after 11 feeling good. Our own (postponed) soirée is pencilled in for the Saturday before St Valentine's Day. Further news later.

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